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Z Micro Trains 50600700 SP Boxcar 211206Viewed 2136 times
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This 50 standard box car with double Youngstown doors is painted box car red with white SP herald and white lettering. It runs on Bettendorf trucks. Built in August 1955, this double-door car is one of thousands built by the SP at the Sacramento Shops during the '50s to meet the growing demand for the larger doors, permitting the use of forklifts and larger loading devices. It wears the original 1955-lettering scheme with block lettering at the right of the car side and the traditional round emblem at the left. The round emblem was dropped for new or repaints a few years later. Southern Pacific celebrated its California "Centennial" in 1955; #211206 was one of a string of five cars amongst the exhibits presented by SP during this celebration.

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